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    Hi all,
    I've decided to revisit autoblogs after trying to run a few a couple of months ago without any success.

    After much deliberation I feel that my business model was SO close to being correct, I was just failing on one thing - making the affiliate page look like the site the user was on.

    So to go back a couple of paces I'm using Wordpress self hosted on a keyword in URL related to my niche.

    I'm pulling content through Wp robot and popping affiliate links for CB products using affiliate ***** in the copy.

    Now this is the bit which I'm confused on and I'm sure no one is buying because of this.

    So a user comes to my site, they click on one of the links in the copy and they get sent to a cloaked URL on my site, which displays the affiliate page (that looks like it's on my site), but it's actually an external site.

    How do I get the CB affil page that looks like its on my site to look like my site.

    As users click on the links they are made aware that they are still on my site, but because of the dramatic difference of look and feel, they bounce..

    There must be a way of bypassing this page or putting the affil products in my blog posts and remove a step altogether.

    Does that even make sense?

    Thanks all!