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    I want to make a simple proxy checker in e.g., Perl. It doesn't have to be too flashy, but it will need to check a lot of proxies and at least tell me their speed and if they are anonymous or not. At the moment I check 1000s of proxies in Charon, but I want something that integrates better with my existing perl and bash scripts. My main problem with the other checker scripts I can find on Google is that they only seem designed for testing smaller lists of about 30 proxies. And they only check against one site to test for anonymity e.g., Now, as my script will run with multiple threads, I don't want to just bomb one site with 1000s upon 1000s of requests; surely this wouldn't go down too well? I see that many of the popular proxy checker tools use php scripts called judges. Can these judge hosts handle all these requests e.g., Or do they set limits? Perhaps I could host my own?

    Also, what criteria do I use to check if a proxy is "Google Passed"? Is it equivalent to any proxy where Google can't tell it is actually a proxy e.g., elite proxy? Or is it any proxy not in Google's blacklist? How would I make the test?

    Thanks for reading.
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    You should always host your own judge on a good server. You don't find any good proxy checker source via search engines. For 'google passed' check a proxy must attempt to query google to determine is it banned or not.

    Coding a good checker is not a 5 min job (I've worked so far over 650 hours with the GLI/GUI versions of my softwares). I already provide a total solution for Linux users in terms of proxy checking/proxy scanning and automation that use database as storage.
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    Host your own judge, Most of the public ones are not that reliable. azenv is a popular proxy judge and is easy to code for. It comes in both PHP and Perl versions. You'll also need a SSL certificate though if you want to check for SSL support.

    As far as google passed goes. It should be pretty simple. Just send a query to google for a search term and then have your script test the results.
    Example.. Send and look for the BHW link. If its there, its Google passed.

    You mentioned you want to write it in perl, Don't forget about PHP or even python both of which you can also multithread with or look at Nixmy CLI proxy checker, Its pretty awesome :)
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