Make Youtube vid on Squidoo "smaller" size?

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    Hello roomies!

    Happy afternoon bhkhtters!!

    I'm placing a youtube vid on a squidoo lens I have
    the problem is no matter what code I try to place whether in the
    "video" or "yourtube" module on squidoo, it only seems to show the vid at
    full size 640x480

    even if I try the embed and change the variables from 640X480 to something else,
    the size shows the same on my lens ? still shows it at 640X480???

    OPPPS!! UPDATE it does automatically shrink it a little on squidoo to "420X320" but that's still
    much biigger than I'd like, if you know how to get it smaller, I'm all ears!

    any suggestions?
    Thanks much madhatters!

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