Make your-self Suck proof!

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    1) Believe NOTHING. Words are just that, excuses to get you to lower your guard and act stupidly. I'v esen SO many "excuses" on here as to why they can offer you items so cheap..but it's a complete bluff every time. Eventually you'll start to see the same patterns repeat time after time.

    2) Always think..."how,why, what's their angle here" If they can get an item for $10 that sells for $100 why the hell would they want you?

    3) NEVER wire money to anyone. Use much safer practives. Paypal/L.C. or verify in person. IF you can be ripped probably will. You have to become VERY cynical, especially on the Net.

    4) Verfiy thei palce of business, phone number, talk to them, take your time. Scammers biz is built on greed and they want you to act fast. If you stop to do soem D.D. they know they wil lpraobly lsoe you. Unless you are a complete idiot in that case pay your "stupid tax" and learn form it.

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