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Make One Million Dollar$ in 12 Months [It Can Be Done]

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Ken27, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Apr 20, 2011
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    Would you like to a million dollars in 12 months? I can?t think of anyone that wouldn?t. Can it be achieved? It most certainly can. Many others before you have succeeded in making a million dollars in 12 months, and if you make it your goal right now and vow to adhere to it, you can have one million dollars in your pocket one year from today.

    Now you ask just how do I make one million dollars in 12 months?

    First you?ll need a plan, kind of like your road map to riches. Next, you need to understand the just how much money one million dollars really is and what amount of effort is necessary on your part to make that much money. To earn that one millions dollars in the next 12 months you would need to consistently earn $83,333.33 every month. This is literally more money per month than most households make in one year, and to think that you have to devise a way to make this each and every month!

    To put it into further perspective, you would need to consistently make one average $19,230.77 every week for the next 52 weeks, which again is more money than many families in America would make in their lifetime!

    To really make my point, you will need to earn a profit of $2,739.73 in the next 24 hours after reading this, then continue making this amount each and every day for the next 365 days in order to make one million dollar in 12 months!

    However, once you sit down and analyze this and have developed your action plan you will slowly find that achieving your goal is not that hard of a task. Making a fortune online is easy, and there are many methods that people use each and every day that have them earning the figures mentioned above. The beauty of many of these methods is that no money is required to get started. Before you know it you?ll be down the road to making one million dollars online.