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    Sep 23, 2010
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    I have been posting about this other site for awhile now, do you want to know why? I have sold over four items in three days running one day auctions, do you know what I paid in fees? Only 23 Bucks! The beautiful thing about this site is its doesn?t charge you a fee to sell something, you get a free store, and very good customer service. The only fee you get charged with is a google checkout fee, and that?s 2.9% + .30 cents. You guys should seriously consider doing Amazon/eBay and running this for electronics/books/clothes..

    About 7,600 people registering every week, with 4.3 million auctions going on right now. They give you the method of using PayPal and Google checkout! Its a Google shopping marketplace partner, so when you post something it appears on google shopping center. If your selling good name brand items you should give it a shot, they seem to sell real quick on there just like eBay, same prices too. You can check it out and sign up with the link below, its totally worth it.

    PM me for the link
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