Make money with excess computers?

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    I've dabbled with several methods on BHW throughout the past couple of years, some to minor success. Most of which involved mass account creation, aging, advertising, and inevitably selling them (as a result of an unfortunate situation where it was necessary).

    To the point, I have 5 updated good running machines that I need to put to work. I'm more or less done with advertising. I've investigated selling my processing power, the but rates are so ridiculously low that it wouldn't cover the cost of electricity. I'm not looking for an easy out, because let's face it.. it either doesn't exist, has already been capitalized on, or it's too brilliant that I haven't realized it.. and if you had, you'd keep that to yourself.

    Anyways, monetization.. The only thing I can come up with is Live Streaming, and its something I'm intrigued about as well. I've did short bouts with streaming, though not for financial gain, I loved it. But this is about money and generating income. If you ever browse the Live section of youtube, there are all sorts of Live Streams broadcasting music, or animal habitats, and etc. I understand creating my own music stream would be fickle, as licensing for music.. etc. It doesn't mean it cant be done, but I came here looking for advice in this regard.

    This post is a little all over the place, I respectfully apologize. Mainly, I'm looking for some general ideals or advice as how to capitalize on my machines via streaming or otherwise. Any suggestions is good fodder for my think tank lol.. Thanks in advance.

    btw, I have an excellent streaming software, all adobe editing software, and the capability of generating engaging thumbnails. Any questions, just ask.
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    man I thought you was giving away your method
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