make money with cpa $50000 a month

Yes, we are 30.000 of us. And u think, if it was a plausible idea, it would not be already rocking?

also u gonna get the banhammer very soon....
CPA companies look for REAL leads,

If all are fake, (which ofcourse will be when bhw members put email IDÅ›)

You'ĺl be banned surely.
this will end up 0 conversion and it won't work
This will seriously produce low quality leads which might work the first 20 leads but after that you won't earn a cent.
Might as well just use ghostcpa if you're after low quality leads lol.
Most if not all CPA networks have someone who is on the BHW forum, so I doubt you will avoid their eyes :p
what networks really look at is the success rate with the emails and the conversion rate, with people here it would all be very low and would get quick attention from the networks. They would ban you within hours of you starting this from the networks.
hello to all my friends in bhw today i have got an idea or u can say a black hat method of making money with cpa my method is as follows
1:get a cpa account
2:link your offer to the form and ask people to do a cpa exchange
i mean tell that u put your email and name in my offer and i will do the same with u as in bhw the are about 30k members so this method can make a newbie some money and every one in this bhw can make a lot of money without any issues

please hit thanks if u like my advice

The Winner for the most Stupid thread of October goes to: RICHBOY!

This thread should be called "How to Guarantee a Life Job at McDonalds!"
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this might actually work with some content locking cpa's..

but mind you .you have to have some real leads or real traffic from your site..this will be just additional income.

Another "Method"

1.Share URL of your Adsense site and lets exchange clicks!

Hit thanks and give rep .
wow - very nice method! and i am working 16 hrs a day for my im company to pay my workers. i knew, i did something wrong ... LOL

... and you forgot, that you have to make yourself 30.000 cpas when you exchange this or do you believe that your bhw slaves do all the hard work for you while you go to the beach?

we are blackhatters, not cheaters

greetings (and where is the cop when you need one) kurti
op, are you suffering from mental retardation or something? there's not a chance in hell this would ever work.. if you ever find a network with advertisers dumb enough to allow this kind of shit, let me know (not gonna happen).
dose any1 kno if dis workz cuz i dunt wnto waist $9 on a domain if it dosnt wrk.

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