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    Make money online now - A Noobs start up guide.

    Hello and welcome to my guide for fresh noobs to get started in making money online. Now did I say Internet Marketing? No because its not exactly a guide to internet marketing.
    So what will this guide do for me? How will I have a better understanding of making money online after I read this guide? Good Questions! Now for the answers. This guide is going to tell you what you need to know before you start thinking about internet marketing and making money online.

    Many times you will see guides saying " Make $ 150 a day " Thats great and I am not saying this is not true. However I am saying many new people I see do not even know how to set up proper hosting for their website. So how possibly can a noob start making money online when the " Make $ 150 a Day " guide does not include the simple steps you need to learn for practicly all internet marketing and money making ideas or methods.

    So stop with reading guides on how to make money over and over when first you need to know how to set up most of these methods before they can even work. I am going to tell you step by step exactly who I recommend for your start up and how to get set up to even complete these great money making methods on BHW.

    So look below and follow along please.


    I see this everywhere online and on BHW. Noobs want to know who to trust for hosting.
    Remember hosting is a important step in utilising the money making methods here on BHW
    and also online. I am going to break hosting down into two possible option. Look Below.

    Normal Hosting: (Domestic)

    This Hosting is for normal internet marketing and online methods to making money. It is the most common and cheapest. So it is noob friendly and great for starting. If you are on a low budget and cannot afford much start up cost I would greatly consider not paying much for premium hosting. Its not like as soon as your website is up its going to be flooded with potential customers. It takes hard work and time to develop a online platform to make money. So do not buy that $30 hosting thinking your about to be a internet success. Buy the cheaper hosting and wait until you start seeing some money coming in before you upgrade.

    Who do I recommend for normal Hosting activity?

    Offshore Hosting:

    Ah yes offshore hosting. I see this all the time online and all through BHW. If your looking for offshore hosting then I imagine you already know what you want. In which case you also know your domestic country does not like and frowns upon the activity your about to perform. So your looking for a offshore solution. Great! Just remember offshore hosting generally cost more than your domestic cheaper hosting. However when you need offshore Hosting you need it! Offshore Hosting is great for more grey hat and black hat adventures or
    for more shady start ups.

    Here is a question I hear and receieve all the time.."Is offshore hosting anonymous and safe"
    Answer: NO not completely. If you do something the DMCA frowns upon enough do you really think your little $15 a month to the hosting company will keep their mouth shut?? Well maybe....maybe not. So the only way offshore hosting is anonymous is if you use a VCC and get creative.

    Here is a lead to a offshore Hosting company in Panama. Good Service.

    Domain Name

    Okay we have made it this far. I repeat do not...and I mean do not get to silly about picking a domain name. Some people never ever ever get the name they want and always stay at the ground level and never get their website started and making some money. So think about a popular website for example...Facebook. Think about the name. What the hell is a Face/Book
    Really if you think about it...It makes no sense at all! So any other words your content/services makes your name. The name does not make the content/services. You can have a damn pretty name. But its not worth crap if the content or services suck. So yes spend some time being creative when choosing a name. But do not get stuck on it.

    Website Development

    Great now were getting to the part I like. I have seen many noobs ask " How do I make money online or apply the methods I see here on BHW or online " Then right after that I find out they do not know how to install and operate a simple shopping cart CMS or Wordpress website. Please understand that sure some methods do not require this knowledge. Most do. So before you read your hearts out on methods to make money. Learn how to install wordpress and make a decent looking blog or website. Sure you can use blogger or
    seriously its just not the same as your full customized CMS with the availablity of thousands of plug ins.

    Do you need to know html or PHP?
    Not really. However it does help to know a little to do some personal customizations.
    But it is not required to make some serious money!

    Implementing methods

    Now I am assuming you have hosting, domain name and a basic CMS website installed on your Hosting. Now it is time to read read read on BHW.

    before I contunue....
    I advise all noobs to stay away from WarriorForum and Digital Point. All their going to do is sell you product after product until your broke and feel hopeless. Just feel good to be a member of the BEST Internet Marketing and online money making community. Here you will find more methods that work than anywhere else! Do not go broke investing in junk on other websites/forums. if your serious about making money and learning you have came to the right place!

    So what are some good methods to make money? Well I am not going to type all the methods here of course... my fingers would bleed in explaining different methods to you when their are so many good ones on BHW just waiting for you to read and make real in hand cash. I will point you into a really good method for making money.

    Note: I do not claim any part of this method as having anything to do with me or my intelligence. All credit goes to meathead1234.

    You will find he wrote a great method for noobs. I have made money off of doing something very similar to this as well. Please read his method and start making money ! Besides this method theirs much more to experience and try to. Just look in the " " section of the forum.

    So far I have told you the steps you need to take in order from not having anything to the point of having a functional website with a great method provided by meathead1234 and also many other methods on BHW are waiting on you to explore them.

    You have great leads to both domestic and offshore hosting. to read meathead1234 method for noobs.

    Now for a Payment System

    Their are so many and all of them basically offer the same solutions. I can personally say customers trust paypal more and your conversions will be higher. However this comes with a price since PayPal is hell to deal with sometimes and very picky. Below you will find a list of reputable Merchant Account/Gateways ect.


    Theirs many more but this is a decent start.

    What software should you buy for starting out?

    Well please understand at first you want to keep cost low so do not go around buying every sparkling software or bot you see. However I would recommend a few for starting out if you really want. - Perfect for marketing your method on yahoo Answers. It Also comes with a Yahoo Email account creator. - If you start making money online you really need to protect your content and stope loosing money with having unsecured content. This will in fact save you thousands of dollars and is a good investment.

    So this is all I am going to recommend. Now you have a decent way to market your method and a way to protect your content. Offense and Defense in making money online is a good strategy.

    Their is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to do this within a week and start making a decent income online. Rich? Not yet...Internet Marketing and making money does not mean retirement! It means bringing home cash. So work hard and earn that bacon!

    Do you have questions? Thats fine post them here or PM me. I am here to help any member on BHW! If you have a question about BHW I will do my best to help as well.

    Thank you for your time in reading this. You are on your way to making money online.
    Remember to enjoy and contribute to this great community.

    Good Luck on your feature success! ;)

    (I do not by any means have any affiliation with any recommendations listed on this guide. Also by using this guide as a reference for knowledge you accept full responsibility for your actions and accept I (RedClover) do not have any responsibility for your actions or income. Nor do I promise what level of service you shall receive from the third parties and services I mentioned above.)
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    Thanks for putting in a lot of time compiling the guide!
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    Thanks for taking so much efforts. i hope some of the members will read and hopefully take action on it.. :)
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    I creating review website based on meathead1234 method so Answer swype and Content locker are very useful for me now.
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    Good read thanks for the post
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    good info. Thank you for sharing it
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    thank you very much ,nice post
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    Very nice effort you put on the post. But I also think it will be better to follow some other methods too as there are a ton of guys doing meathead's method.
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    Great read. Awesome :)
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    Hello steelballs, Your welcome! It was my pleasure to make it.

    Yes me to! Reading it and taking action are two separate things and taking action is the money maker.

    yes! Those are some of the most useful products to get started with. Good Luck in your success.

    Your welcome Cfuturistic. Its my pleasure to create this and hopefully it helps some people.

    Your welcome Bog_0n3! Thank you for the feedback.

    Your welcome! Thank you for the nice response.

    Thank you William. Yes I agree that you can apply any method to this guide. This guide is to get
    started with any method. I appreciate your response!

    Hey I am glad you liked it! Thank you for reading and your comment!

    Good Luck Everyone on your mission to success!