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    This is a short tutorial I wrote on how to use Blogger efficiently and get higher CTR because it will look more professional than any of their classic templates.

    1: You must make sure you go to the design tab and uncheck EVERYTHING except the last one "Show ads between posts". That way your blog won't have any timestamps or author details which really make it look like a blog, and we don't want that!

    2: You don't want that ugly navigation bar on top, do you?
    Get rid of it easily. Get into "Edit HTML" mode and paste this code:

    <style type="text/css"> 
    #b-navbar { 
    But hiding the blogger navbar gives rise to another problem. You might notice some empty space in your webpages between the top edge of the browser window and your blog content. We will again employ a simple CSS tweak to remove the gap at the top.

    position: relative; 
    top: -50px; 
    Done it? Great!

    3: You might not like the footer. No one likes that crap sponsoring Blogger. How to remove it? Easily! Go to the design tab and get into the "Template designer" mode. Choose advanced and scroll all the way down until you find "Add custom CSS". Paste

    #Attribution1 {display: none;}
    and hit "Apply to blog". Simple right?

    4: Thing that I don't like is "Newer" and "Older" on the bottom. I found a good measure to put only 5 posts per page. You can add different pages by going to "Posting" and then "Edit pages". That way you can categorize your blog into pages that will show on top except making it look "spammy".

    5: Make sure you create or get someone to do it for you (you'll always find someone in the Graphics section right here on HF). Go to the "Designer" tab and add your header instead of showing your title and description. That will make it look professional.

    6: In the "Design" tab make sure you remove the "Followers" and "Archive".

    7: Go to the "Design" tab and change your Favicon!

    Optional: Buy a domain or get a free domain (, .tk, ...) instead of using blogspot subdomain.
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    I could use this to my blogger.

    Thanks for this useful info.:)