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Make big money doing Bulk whatsapp marketing

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by haalll, May 2, 2015.

  1. haalll

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    May 11, 2014
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    USA, Brazil,Peru
    In many countries outside the U.S., it is not uncommon to witness the popularity of wireless messaging over regular text messaging. In most of these countries, the higher price tag attached to the exchanging of text messages compels people to gravitate towards the more attractive form of messaging- wireless messaging.

    More commonly known in the international sphere, WhatsApp is a mobile messaging application that allows anyone with access to the Internet to exchange messages at a bare minimum cost. Due to the success of this mobile messaging application, more and more businesses, organizations and people are beginning to tap into the full potential of WhatsApp.

    Among these attempts to unleash all that WhatsApp has to offer is marketing through this mobile messaging platform. Inexpensive, engaging and effective, this form of marketing has proven its worth on a platform that was originally designed to connect people through wireless messaging. However, where does one begin and how can brands market their products or services effectively?

    WhatsApp utilizes phone numbers. A user adds someone into his or her phone?s contact list, and WhatsApp automatically recognizes the new addition and allows you to contact that specific person directly from the mobile messaging application. One of the main concerns of a direct marketing of this manner is whether the receiver would welcome these messages or not. Also, how does one obtain the phone numbers of people who are more likely to engage in your content?

    For one Costa Rican radio station that broadcasts Top 40 and electronic dance music, it was apparent. First, they took the simplest and most basic thing every radio station does to attract listeners, and applied it with WhatsApp. The station organized its contests and giveaways through WhatsApp by sharing a phone number that listeners can send a message to from their very own phones. This manner of messaging releases the listeners? phone numbers to the radio station, and it indirectly allows the station to send them news updates on a later date.

    As the WhatsApp bulk messaging software that these companies employ allows the company to use a variety of formats, i.e. texts, audios or videos, marketing on the WhatsApp platform does not limit the company?s creativity.

    For brands and marketers to see the success of their companies, it is necessary to exhaust all possible resources, and that includes marketing on WhatsApp.
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  2. Shadexpwn

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    Act quick because the same thing happened with text messaging when it became established early on.

    In the beginning of its peak everybody was spammed email submits to death and some got paritually sued.

    Don't ever get too overboard as you might get issues with legality or obtain cease and desists.

    Keep twisting if you do this and keep publicity to the down low.
  3. ChanzGrande

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    Feb 16, 2008
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    Seems there are rhetorical questions asked, or you are trying to consider the actual implications/uses of whatsapp in a proper context. I'm guessing you are either in collaboration with someone on a marketing avenue, or you are considering it yourself as a huge untapped market. Either way - some people here are likely to see some applications about your post that aren't particularly spammy. I think you opened the door for legitimate discussion so let's consider a possible avenue of exploration.

    A real world scenario not unlike the radio station example would be marketing things locally whether that be products, services, events, publications, or whatever. In a large U.S. city one could easily set-up all sorts of hotlines, special deal numbers, etc... and effectively leverage the whatsapp platform to build whatever brand awareness they wanted to while also making a considerable amount of money. The reach is virtually endless because almost everyone has a phone, and you can target every major online advertising format.

    I think I got what you were saying. If your questions weren't just rhetorical or designed to illustrate the point of the untapped market - I think the answers to them are easier than they may appear at first. For example cross-branding is a great avenue of promotion, and anyone who is already in SEO, webhosting, or other similar markets already has a captive audience to help build their other brands. As a start-up I think this kind of thing is super easy, inexpensive, scalable, and it simply comes down to presentation.

    So create a brand first which rides under the surface of all other brands. Ad agencies love to leverage their existing assets, so do the same thing. Start a small advertising firm. Line up some clients, and make sure all promotions push the client first, and the firm second. Cross-branding beyond that involves using the captured markets for any given application to push them into similar apps - think food services app -> nightclub app -> grocery store specials app -> etc...

    Hope it gets you thinking or moving. Cheers for spotting a big money market.
  4. MotivatedNewbie

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    May 3, 2013
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    Any of there services that you can recommend?