Maindomain, Subdomain and many redirects - Advice is welcome

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    Hi fellows!

    I just want to hear your opinion which case would be the best. Following situation:

    There is presentation site of a company which has pr of 3 and many niche-relevant backlinks from the brand websites itself, the brands which the company sells.

    The company has got an online shop, too - but on a subdomain related to the main (just wen up to pr 2).

    Now i designed a new presentation site for the company and it gets it's own - from company's view more logical - domain, so we can use the old main domain to improve the shop rankings.

    Which one is the better way:
    a) redirect all the traffic of the main domain via 301 to the shop's subdomain
    example: directs to index of (and anything else,too)
    b)redirect via 301 the whole shop with all its contents to the main domain.
    example: directs to the folder of the shop which is been on the sub before. So every product's url has been routed also to its new url that

    What do you think?