MagicBox - SEO Tool (Open Source)

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Hello Friends,
I am going to write a new SEO Tool for online marketers. It's open source and library is on github (
I am writing this tool in C#, F# .NET 5/ 6(From Nov. 2021). I will port this tool as a desktop app, mobile app, cloud app, mac app. etc
Main motivation for this project is to create a seo tool in functional language (F#/Clojure) and creating something worthy of use in REAL World.

I am a Software Architect. I have a decade of programming experience and this is a trivial job for me in my spare time. It's a hobby project for now.

I have brainstormed following features for this tool: (You can add yours...)

magicbox features:

scheduler for jobs
Multiple Proxies
Harvest blogs and websites
post trackbacks
analysis tool
link checker
metadata scraper
Scrape Searchengines
Scrape emails, names
Comment posting
Manage Lists
Proxy Scraper
Backlink checker
sitemap scraper
Analysis of things on page
images scraper
outbound link checker
footprints and filtering
Linkedin scraper
google map scraper
youtube scraper
Cloud Storage
Run in cloud
whois scraper
api integration
headless chrome
captcha solver
article scraper
content scraper
domain checker
keyword scraper
suggestions scraper
ebooks scraper
workflow creator
google chrome network parser
web crawler
mp3 scraper
product scraper
video scraper
google sheets integration
Android google play scraper
Find expired domains
fake emails
spinning comments
google translator
text to audio using google api
alive checker
link extractor
malware and fishing filtering
port scanner
speed tester
broken link checker
google cache extractor
social checker
******** tester
Mobile site tester
Website Screenshot taker, pdf generator
Automator: Command Sequence
daily stocks scraper
own web server
AI and Machine Learning
Whatsapp scraper
google, bing, baidu, yahoo, ebay, yandex, googlescholar, news, shopping, linkedin, walmart Scraping
plagiarism checker
telegram bot
generic web crawler
Video downloader from various sites
Web page stats

Thanks and Have a wonderful day !
thx for the share
Wow, amazing! Some great & smart people on this board! Add me to the waiting list.
Awesome Hope you could add featurssof Ahref for KW research and some really good content spinning features to be one of the best
Hope you can complete the same ASAP and keep us updated on your progress

Friends have some patience. I am committed for this project. I will complete it no matter what. But I have day job so please be patient.
I can only do python, and it's only somewhat basic so i can't help. Good luck tho, i'll make sure to keep in check the progress on the hub also.
You should concentrate to develope features that other seo tools dont have.....SB has a good link extractor no need to top that.

If you are a good coder id focus to clever search manipulation since this seems to be the next big thing in SEO. For example I can't find a good traffic and CTR bot for G search and I think I have to hire someone to code it for me. If you can do it I would buy it from you.
Good luck for the following. Congratulations for the Open source mindset. As another said before I agree lot of features you mentioned already exist on SB. It's better to be focus on features who doesn't exist.

When times I will check the repo.

Kind regards.

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