Magic Submitter - Cheapest and the Best Captcha Solving Solution

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    Jun 15, 2013
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    Ok. I want a captcha solution for Magic submitter that can solve captcha with high success rate with the cheapest cost.
    Here is what I thought of and I need your views on which one is the cheapest one and can solve all captchas including recaptchas successfully.

    1. Captcha Breaker + Captcha sniper
    2. Captcha Breaker + spamvilla
    3. Captcha Breaker + mega OCR
    4. Captcha Sniper + Mega OCR
    5. Captcha Sniper + Spamvilla

    or any other captcha solving solution combination like askabot, etc ... can anyone give me a combination that can give me the cheapest cost to solve all of the captchas succesfully... I hate DBC as it drains me $100/week which I think it is not viable at all, too expensive for human solving captcha solution..