Made over $3000 in 3 days using Reddit

Congrats. I'm curios what you promoted simply CPA or other things? Im not asking about your exact service, product ofcourse
Nice stuff OP. I had some luck with Reddit last year by sneaking in some crypto affiliate links. Made about $1500 at the time.
Nice, maybe do it again?

Might revisit it again in the future but got some other stuff I'm focusing on at the moment.

It does require a few things to go right to work, so would need to find the right type of sub to do it on. The sub I was doing it on made it harder because others started to copy what I was doing and the mods must have caught on. Reddit users tend to hate promotion type stuff.
Sorry, can't say.

Why would I expose my method and create unnecessary competition for myself?
To make another 3k day. 99% of buyers won't take action.
I shared a screenshot of my earnings from a Reddit post once and got probably 25+ PMs/DMs, all from people wanting to see exactly what was posted, what I was promoting, how it’s done, etc.

My advice to you @FannyG is to not share anything remotely specific. Reddit mods scour IM forums (I mod former default subs myself) and they’ll get your Reddit accounts suspended, get your site banned from Reddit and try getting your affiliate accounts disabled.
Average reddit moderator
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