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Made an amazon site - looking for help

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Austin56101, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Austin56101

    Austin56101 Newbie

    Dec 15, 2013
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    First of all I apologize if i'm posting this in the wrong section but this is my first post! :D
    Ok so i recently started searching through BlackHatWorld and reading peoples success stories.
    I saw allot of posts about people doing very well with amazon sites.
    SO! I decided to go all in! I purchased a domain and hosting for a year and started coding my website
    I only know some basic html/css so my site is simple.

    I've been advertising it through craigslist only because i'm not really familiar with anything else.

    Example add--------------------------------------------

    Cost: 125

    [Picture of someone holding an iphone]

    I bought it a few days ago but now I need the money! Please email me ASAP! IT WILL NOT LAST LONG!

    And this worked! I also posted one about an ipad and a few about computers.
    I woke up the first day with over 100 emails!
    I emailed everyone back with this:

    "Hey sorry it sold! But I bought mine for cheap! It was great deal and i got the link for you: MySiteUrl"

    This method seams to be working a bit.
    I say "a bit" because i'm getting the traffic but no conversions.

    Amazon Report:

    [TR="class: totals"] [/TR]
    Clicks & Conversion Summary December 11, 2013 to December 17, 2013
    Product Link Clicks 11
    Other Clicks 65
    Clicks 76
    Total Conversion 0.00%

    SO! BlackHatWorld i come to you today asking for advice!
    What can i do to improve?
    What Tuts should i look at?
    Please tell me anything you think i should know! :D
  2. pitiku00

    pitiku00 Registered Member

    Feb 5, 2013
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    you're bringing in traffic that's looking to buy an iphone for $125, no wonder they're not converting.
    try placing ads for accessories, like earpods, cases, cable etc with a real price or something close to it and then bring them to your website. if someone is looking to buy an iphone for $125 and he goes to the website where this is $500, he's not gonna buy. but if he's looking for some headphones and found your ad for $10 and goes on the website and they're $12, maybe they'll buy. anyway there are higher chances.
    the point is to bring quality traffic. you can use this traffic to send it to a certain page where you have a content lock. grab their e-mail and send them some offers later. higher chances of converting.