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    Any way you could zonk me out and make me think I'
    i'm on a mac been searching around and haven't seen many good tools/bots. All the good stuff i have runs on 68k and ppc604 macs. I havent seen any good programs out there recently. or any mac underground related sites all the sites i know of are either down or havent been updated in 5 years. At least SerialBox is still updated regularly. Its hard to find those pc programs too. looks like I'll have to start running windows more.

    anyone know of any up to date mac sites?

    anyone know the names of some useful programs for mac?

    not the stuff you can find on, or versiontracker, or softpedia, or macupdate. good example of an old site
    I don't have a good example of any new sites.
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    May 2, 2010
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    uhm, the way i do mine, is get a copy of parallels desktop, and load windows onto it, mint userface, u can drag and drop, like both at the same time, so be on mac, but run a bot on windows in the background , other then that, mac doesnt really help you for this kinda stuff a e, cheers.