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    Okay, I'm starting to become tired of myself. I'm reading all the time what works for others, what others do, what USED to work for others, how to do something and I'm learning everything that is needed to manage sites, build them, customise them..

    So, in short I'm just wasting time.

    There are people that started at the same time as me, and are able to get thousands of visitors a day. What do they do?

    - Well, they don't fuck around reading about others all the time
    - They are communicating and learning from others, so they're not lurking, but are actively talking to more experienced marketers
    - They weren't tainted with the promises of SEO
    - They are getting out on popular websites and are baiting people with interesting articles and so on

    What I did so far?
    Learn about SEO, marketing et al
    Built some sites and domains, which are, honestly, half-assed. Many domains don't even have privacy, so I'm not gonna touch them.
    Stupid me.

    Google isn't the end of all traffic. It never was.
    But yet lots of people I ASSUME, like me, are blinded with all these stupid threads about seo.
    And we waste time learning, reading, learning and dreaming about ranking number on boogle.
    Yet, realise that the internet is much larger than foogle.

    Where did SEO take me?
    Well, in short, nowhere.

    How much did it cost so far?
    GSA SER, CB, Scrapebox+2 plugins, 2 months of proxies, eazyazon,and 1 month of vps and fcs networker, bluehost hosting(12x7,95) and
    3 months of my life
    and possibly other minor expenses

    Okay, it might be me that's a noob and picked a wrong niche for seoing (low competition, cb product) and my website barely got any traffic over 2 months. I never ranked a site and I'm not gonna argue with people about seo. It's good, but it's only a part of the game.

    I need to cut down on expenses until I start seeing returns on my efforts. Since january, I haven't had a damn sale, so I will cancel all services, except for the vps and some proxies.

    My takeaway so far is just get in there, pick some products and write a short review of them, and then market the site with
    both seo and active internet marketing consisting of traffic leaking and social media.

    I've got so many tools, yet I am too dumb or unexperienced too use them. If the only thing you'll take away from me is this, that don't do too many things at the same time. I've got around 10 project ideas going on, but I only got down to one so far, which didn't leave anywhere.

    So hammer only one sword at a time.

    I'm an affiliate at clickbank, cj, shareasale, linkshare, amazon and with a few companies.
    Okay, so let's cut out the crap.

    I'm gonna look at clickbank, for now, in this journey and pick about 40-100 products in evergreen niches.
    If people can sell clickbank crap, then so do I. Look at warriorforum. The so many gurus that people seem to hate
    apparently can make a living of selling CRAP to others. Their products MIGHT be crap, but the point is on that they
    are able to sell, unlike me.

    First, I'm gonna get some products and categorise them, analyse the vendors' sales pages and look at their stats, keywords and top referrals.

    There are countless threads on BHW, when read, you will start seeing the bigger picture and get many many ideas.
    Then it's up to you execute your ideas and learn from their outcomes.

    Second, I'm gonna borrow materials and write these short reviews. I don't know how many products and reviews I will end up with.

    Third, I'll take a brand new domain and put it on shared hosting.

    Fourth, I'll put a light responsive theme on it and get the reviews on them in a somewhat organised way. I'll try to make them somewhat siloed on wordpress, somewhat internal linking etc for onsite seo prayers. The site will need to be about the user, their experience and make them go to vendors. Nothing else. The site needs to be fast, so combining js, images, clowns and whatnot will have to be done too. Same for caching and image compression. I'm not sure about cloudfare, many experienced people talked about not expecting much from their free service.

    Things I want on the site:
    Tracking in place, probably with piwik, if I can install it on somewhere
    User behaviour tracking, again will figure it out
    No FNG g1234gl3 products on my site. Never again
    Rank tracking with proranktracker
    I will monitor the top 20 for 3 terms with a beta tool
    I dunno, more on here later
    Sitemap and search function plugins - Plugins SLOOW down the site(ever tried easyazon?) and leave security loopholes, think about yoast lately

    Fifth, I'll start to collect articles and clickbait titles to drop on the internet on forums, blogs, social sites and really anywhere. My aim will be
    to get people's attention, make them read or click onto my article then my link. I won't give a crap about content on external sites for traffic leaking. I want the traffic and clicks, not whether the article is original or factually correct. I'm gonna stirr up people and make them buy clickbank junk. If they go to mcdonalds, fuck them, they will go to vendors, too.

    Sixth, I'll get on social media and will try to follow and interact with people, not spamming them, but providing them with clickbaiting titles and pictures. Platforms I want to try: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
    I will look at other platforms that are apparently popular. I will use images with my site name and distribute them, hotlink them, whatever.
    I will try to utilise automation for support accounts if possible.

    Seventh, I'll work on offsite seo. I'm not going into discussion about this with google spying on marketing forums. If you work for google and you read this, your company's not welcome here.

    I will try to keep my onsite articles short, with the intention of getting people onto sales pages. I will try to redirect bouncing people onto the vendor's page. I don't give a damn.

    So, if Joe arrives on How to Grow your Hair Longer and he wants to bounce, he is welcome to bounce to the sales page. I'm not here to make any friends.

    I'm not sure about branding. We'll see about that. I'll try to post here daily, to see your feedback, complaints, kicks in my asses and so on.

    Two bad things about working for yourself from home are:
    - Weight gain if you're not active outside
    - Lack of accountability: No one holds you responsible

    So, with writing my crap here, I will hope to be accountable to BHW's large audience.
    I might even pick up a few ideas here and there.

    So let's get down to biznitz, peeps on pewep style.

    Au revoire, mes amies.
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    Another important thing about working for yourself from home is organization and prioritization of tasks. Try to write tasks and goals on a piece of paper and every day cut with a pen what you managed to do that day. At the end of the week asses yourself and improve. To start making money with IM doesn't require to be a genius. In fact, it requires more to be organized and prioritize your tasks well. As for motivation, at least once or twice per week you need to stop working and do something a book, play football, go hiking, etc...keep your mind and body fresh.

    I wish you good luck with your journey and I hope you will find the motivation to work hard and get where you want!
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    Here and there
    You need to transfer all that anger into another energy form like motivation or dedication etc... Pewep style!
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    How the hell did you fail at seo? All this free information and you still failed?

    Honestly I have been ranking 50k+ keywords with just 10-20 web 2.0s (with tier link building to these), 10-20 pbn post, and some $7 high pr blog comments.

    I just don't see how you can fail, I pay about $60 for the above links and turn on GSA. Its that simple.

    Anyway good luck with your future ventures OP.
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    So far, so good
    I've selected three niches from clickbank, set certain filters and I ended up with 67 products. However, many of them are competitors of each other. Like How to Make Your Toes Bigger vs How to Grow the Toes on Both Feet Larger. So, I'll need to do some testing on these and decide whether I want landing pages vs review pages. I might go with both, depending on where I expect the traffic from.
    Eg, I might direct dumber traffic to landing pages, while some folks might end up on review pages.
    I still don't know how I should build the layout of my site.
    Whether these niches should be categories or Silo Landing Pages. Yes, my site's gonna be on wordpress.

    With categories, there should be categories: For example Arts and Entertainment has all these subniches:
    Arts & Entertainment

    • Architecture
    • Art
    • Body Art
    • Dance
    • Fashion
    • Film & Television
    • General
    • Humor
    • Magic Tricks
    • Music
    • Photography
    • Radio
    • Theater

    So, I'll think I'll just put the damn review article under
    The problem with this is that, according to a Download Section Silo Plugin Thread, g00g13 doesn't really deep crawl small sites.
    However, I have a way to trap crawlers on certain sites, that I could direct to these review articles for indexing, supposing these bots trapped are actually crawlers, lol.

    I still have 40 products to get hoplinks and affiliate materials for. I ain't sleepin until I get this done, lol

    Edit: to asap1
    Yes mate, I'm a noob. So, from tomorrow on, I'm gonna make a parasite a day. Put some readable and unique content on it, with an affiliate link in it and let gsa rip it after a few days. I've already scraped a couple million of domains, which isn't really that difficult. However, I have't done too much sorting on it, regarding DA PA, PR etc. I just feed them to gsa ser to filter and sort them in, then let it run.
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    Get that paper boss, and stack it like pringles.
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    Thank you dear sir for popping in. You are a real legend around here and on WF.

    I've managed to analyse about half of my vendors so far. I look at them with semrush and similarweb. Similarweb's statistics seems to be WAY overestimated. A lot of patterns I have noticed is that a lot of vendors' sites were hit around March-April 2012 when their traffic droppen from 10 or more thousands to almost zero. That's when penguin popped in, lol. One vendor had an 80% exact match anchor ratio from backlinks, haha.

    So, I'm gonna put a tumblr parasite with some pretty pictures on them. I can use scrapebox to schedule a crap load of pictures with links to my clickbankid. At least I can try.

    This idea came from some research I've seen where a site had only pictures, 1-2 sentences under the pictures and all these redirected to clickbank offers and the site's facebook page. According to semrush, this site still receives 1000 organic search and it baffles me that it has 13000 pages in index. Lol. Talk about goog13 holier than thou "low quality" penalties. BS.

    Still, the research has to go on, my brethren. Some clickbank vendors disallowed my clickbank link to their sites overnight. Lol. You wont get promoted, your loss SIR.

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    I wasn't working as hard yesterday as I expected of myself. I spent too much time browsing forums, yet again.
    Today's task are spinning together yesterday's parasite's articles, set up today's, write the review, use plr and spin them and schedule GSA.
    I've got some college essay project going on since november that I need to hand it my college and institutions.
    Get hosting, a domain and start writing the reviews for the main clickbank review site.

    Let the game begin
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