LSI and split key words?

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    Afternoon All.

    I have a hobby site that I'm going to update and maybe get a few $ from.

    The subject is "aaaaaabbbbbb" and all the long tails relate to it BUT its often written as "aaaaaaa bbbbbb" two words not one.

    Now LSI is here and G is clever does that make much difference? If it does how do I acomodate it, I can hardly use both forms in posts it would look silly.

    Thanks and a Happy New Year to all.

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    Write normally.

    Google can figure out the proper word sequence and rank you accordingly.
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    If you search for a universal definition of LSI keywords (also referred to as long-tail keywords), you would find answers all over the place. But in simple words, latent semantic indexing involves identifying synonyms and plurals to your main keywords.The perspective is that by finding similar words for your primary keywords, you can add a natural element to your content. The ability of search engines to find an analogy between the main keywords and LSI keywords also helps in maintaining natural relevance (that's what semantic in LSI refers to: ‘pertaining to' different meanings of the main words or symbols).
    Search engines use LSI keywords to determine what your content is all about. For example, if your primary keywords are ‘Apple smartphone', you wouldn't want search engines to relate your content to terms such as ‘Samsung smartphone' or ‘LG smartphone'.
    With LSI keywords, search engines scrutinize your content and try to discover other terms associated with your primary keywords. Therefore, if you have ‘Apple smartphone' related terms in your content such as ‘iPhone', ‘iOS', ‘earpods', etc. then search engines will index your content for the term ‘Apple smartphone'.
    So by being more specific with keywords related to your primary keywords, you can guide search engines while keeping your content natural. As a result, you can make them rank your content based on the main keywords without keyword stuffing or over-optimizing your website. Also, you minimize the chances of your being penalized by search engines with this approach