Loyalty Counts: RE: PayPal and new account.

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    I have been a member of paypal when they were x.com, also got $5 for signing up, so approx 10 years ago. In Sept. 9 my account closed, by RMR Risk Management Department. 4 Months in I am receiving 50% of my funds, further, I spoke to my agent who Ive dealt with for 2 years, and she is allowing me to open a new account, and told me to call her, so the system does not link to my old account, I will be able to use my existing business with over 1300 strong feedback. If all goes as planned, I will continue to do business with PayPal, as we have restructured our business model to reduce our liability and increase profit margins, and continue developing our website.

    Doing things the right way, understanding business will allow you to succeed.

    I ran the company, just myself, shipping, phone calls, etc, and grossed 1 million in sales our second year. Still a ways to go. This is by no means to brag, because gross-fees-product cost etc, I was doing fairly well for my 2nd year, but the business would of been a high 5 digit salary by year 5, we got cut off at 3, but will start strong.

    For my Blackhatters, adapt and propser, have the eye of the tiger, and the tigers eye on the prize ;).

    Thanks for listening.

    As stewie says: Victory is Mine!