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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by stenovec, Dec 14, 2016.

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    I have a page with 68k likes, I did the voting live stream in November (was the first one to do it, check my post history). I gained all 68k likes from that stream.

    Now I'm posting relevant content daily and my reach has been really bad. Like 1k-2k reach max on the post.

    I also sometimes post a link to our website and I get like 7-10 clicks....

    Did facebook lower reach for my page? This can't be normal. I have another page with 3k likes and I get 1k reach on each post....
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    Dec 23, 2015
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    I think that is not strange in the past. They make changes of algorithm often. Somewhere I read that now small pages easy could have post reach like some bigger pages, your experience says that too. You could make little 'boost' of reach when your page being shared by some another, like share for share, you gain new followers and post reach higher. Also my experience says that there is some kind of periods when reach drop and after that back to normal.
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    Social media + metrics
    Facebook’s original News Feed ranking system was based on three elements:

    1. Affinity: how close is the relationship between the user and the content or its source?
    2. Weight: what type of action was taken on the content?
    3. Time Decay: how current is the content—how recently was it posted?
    While those three items are still included, Facebook’s current News Feed algorithm takes into account as many as 100,000 individual factors.
    Many of the factors are based on how users behave on Facebook and actions they take to indicate whether a piece of content is of interest to them or not.

    U can search about Edge Rank also.

    Each user has a score with ur page,
    One img score, video score, gif score, link score.
    If he dont engage with it, score goes down and he see less and less.
    If he engage his score gonna grow.

    So make relevant posts to raise ur reach.