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    Okay being honest im going slightly rant in this because of my current level of depression. In the past I had been very successful with making money online and had been making plenty but recently my old methods no longer work so I was forced to move on ( I was providing a online service running a business site long story )

    So about 3 months ago I started taking web programming serious for the first time (Code of choice C++) But though I can do this with time and patients and dedication and quickly grasped the languages and was building pretty awesome sites over night I have 3 at this point that I classify as my real sites there large and are getting lots of updates and attention and one is at least making around $5.00 a day on Adsense but I'm pretty sure im breaking a copy right law some I might be looking to shut down :(

    But one of my sites side project was a article site nothing special and its generating its own traffic quite well I've gotten around 12k views and 4k articles published and yes I know that is probably mostly back link building stuff. But im curious is there any way to make this even slightly profitable I mean nothing after 12k views seems a bit extreme.

    As for my main 3 all but one are paid service sites witch im using ccbill to do the transactions screw paypal long story and the other was my Adsense site that may be breaking a copyright law.

    Not because of what I publish but because of what the users publish. How do I handle that if a user publishes something on my server am I held liable and how should I handle that in accordance to the law.

    Thank you for reading, im sorry about crappy grammar I grew up in a texting generation and thank you for reading
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    It's how you moderate your own site. Just delete any unwanted messages on your site quickly, before anybody takes any action on you.