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Lousy BHW "Developer" GIGAHERTZ Attempts a Scam

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by xZiiGz, May 30, 2014.

  1. xZiiGz

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    Apr 27, 2014
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    The project that I hired Gigahertz to work on is described here. A simple Instagram Profile Picture Uploader.

    Long story short he fails to deliver the project on time or send any updates or proof that the project is even completed. I open a diuspute via Paypal, instead of sending me the program he sends me a 118.9KB .rar file thats password protected. He assures me that if I close the dispute on paypal he'll send me the password to the 118.9KB .rar file that will automatically download the real bot from his server on to my computer..........

    I try to get a point across to him that this is sketchy, and that he has no reason to not send me the actual bot because I already paid 50% of it upfront which we agreed on and I thought would be enough to prove that I'm not trying to scam him or anything. However, he tells me that if I close the paypal dispute (which we all know will forfit my money to him for eternity) he will send me the password to the this sketchy .rar to download the program I paid for....

    I don't understand this, so I give him an alternative. I tell him if he can show me the bot via Teamviewer or Screencast working, I will release the funds, and pay the remaining 50%.

    Doesn't that sound reasonable? No one loses anything, all he has to do is show me that he completed his job.

    He refuses. And says since I'm a newbie on BHW he can't Teamview or Screencast me.........lol

    But it gets better,

    After I tell him that I'll open this shitlist thread about him, he sends me this bogus screenshot that is suppose to be some sort of work he did on my instagram profile uploader. SUPER CONVINCING huh.

    I would either like my money back or the bot complete, but lets be real I know this guy isn't a developer but if he can pull something crazy out of his bum then i'll take it.

    So yeah this guys a joke. Skype logs below, plus the .rar file and screenshot of my awesome bot.
    [5/26/14 1:27:46 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: hey whats up[5/26/14 1:27:59 AM] Giga Hertz: hey there
    [5/26/14 1:28:04 AM] Giga Hertz: about  WTH Instagram Expert Developer [NEED URGENTLY]
    [5/26/14 1:28:27 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: nice so have you messed around with the mobile api before? or is this your first time
    [5/26/14 1:28:48 AM] Giga Hertz: yes
    [5/26/14 1:28:53 AM] Giga Hertz: tell me all the details
    [5/26/14 1:31:35 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: pretty simple, just have a txt file of around 10K accounts that are in the format username:password:proxy just want to upload that txt file to the bot and the bot will log into each account with the proxy for that account and upload a profile picture for each account. so simply input txt file, input path where my pictures are stored on my computer, and watch the bot upload the profile pictures
    [5/26/14 1:32:12 AM] Giga Hertz: okay got it, when do you need this done?
    [5/26/14 1:32:30 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: like as soon as possible actually, how long do you think it will take you
    [5/26/14 1:32:49 AM] Giga Hertz: 48 hours, budget?
    [5/26/14 1:33:01 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: huh how much can you do it for?
    [5/26/14 1:33:27 AM] Giga Hertz: $100
    [5/26/14 1:33:32 AM] Giga Hertz: 48 hours TAT
    [5/26/14 1:35:36 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: 48 hours sounds good will definitely need it by then like max
    [5/26/14 1:35:39 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: and $100 is good
    [5/26/14 1:36:00 AM] Giga Hertz: i can start asap,
    [5/26/14 1:36:49 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: PLEASE do lol, I need this done for my new panel *removed* and how does payment sound 50% upfront sound good then 50% after its completed?
    [5/26/14 1:37:23 AM] Giga Hertz: sure, 50% upfront and 50% upon completion, kindly cover up the paypal fees
    [5/26/14 1:37:48 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: will do man shoot me over your pp email
    [5/26/14 1:37:59 AM] Giga Hertz: *removed*
    [5/26/14 1:41:01 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: alright man sent
    [5/26/14 1:41:40 AM] Giga Hertz: have you cover up the fees?
    [5/26/14 1:41:56 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: yeah i sent you extra to cover them up
    [5/26/14 1:42:11 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: should have gotten $50.25 after paypal took fees
    [5/26/14 1:42:20 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: is that right in your paypal?
    [5/26/14 1:42:25 AM] Giga Hertz: yes
    [5/26/14 1:42:48 AM] Giga Hertz: thanks, im going to start the work
    [5/26/14 1:43:50 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: alright thanks man
    [5/26/14 1:44:15 AM] Giga Hertz: your welcome
    [5/26/14 1:44:21 AM] Giga Hertz: :) (handshake)
    [5/26/14 1:47:43 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: And if this works out and your pretty free or need a long term programming job we are adding a bunch of features and bots with *removed* and have sites set for a bunch of other projects in the future and can always use programmers :)
    [5/26/14 1:47:50 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: but if your interested we can talk about that later. I'm going to sleep, and I need that bot done ASAP so I will talk to you later!
    [5/26/14 1:49:06 AM] Giga Hertz: okay thank you, have a good night sleep
    [5/26/14 6:48:25 PM] xZiiGz / BWH: hows the bot coming? Good progress? :)
    [5/27/14 1:59:34 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: have any updates man?
    [5/27/14 3:37:08 AM] Giga Hertz: yes in 24 hours you will get the bot
    [5/27/14 3:37:08 AM] Giga Hertz: :)
    [5/27/14 3:37:17 AM] Giga Hertz: hold on,brb mate
    [5/27/14 3:38:06 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: alright cool! Send me a screenshot of what all you've done so far
    [5/27/14 3:39:43 AM] Giga Hertz: will do, just talking to some client that is buying bitcoins
    [5/27/14 3:42:34 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: alright thanks man
    [5/27/14 3:42:43 AM] Giga Hertz: yw
    [5/27/14 3:43:01 AM] Giga Hertz: "escrow" is a french word for people who steal
    [5/27/14 3:44:46 AM] Giga Hertz: (ci)
    [5/27/14 3:44:53 AM] Giga Hertz: sorry wrong sent
    [5/27/14 3:45:03 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: hahah np
    [5/27/14 3:45:13 AM] Giga Hertz: how does escrow work?
    [5/27/14 3:45:37 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: I have no clue, I don't mess with that stuff though. Only Paypal for me
    [5/28/14 1:30:06 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: bot ready man?
    [5/28/14 1:30:27 AM] Giga Hertz: not yet..
    [5/28/14 1:30:30 AM] Giga Hertz: 1 sec
    [5/28/14 2:13:19 AM] Giga Hertz: i will send you the screenshots  later buddy.. need to do something
    [5/28/14 2:13:43 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: when will the bot be complete?
    [5/28/14 2:14:14 AM] Giga Hertz: 12 hours more.. then its done.. your email please
    [5/28/14 2:14:31 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: *removed*
    [5/28/14 2:14:36 AM] Giga Hertz: okay got it
    [5/28/14 2:14:38 AM] Giga Hertz: need to go now
    [5/28/14 2:05:52 PM] xZiiGz / BWH: is the bot complete?
    [5/28/14 2:20:12 PM] xZiiGz / BWH: please get back to me ASAP, this bot is needed for a very important and time sensitive project. We agreed on 48 hour delivery and it has been longer than that, I will give you 10-12 more hours to deliver the bot, if not I will most likely have to pass the project to someone else because I need this done quickly, and you haven't given me any proof of an update on the status of the bot so I don't even know if you've even started working on it yet or if I'm getting scammed or what.
    [5/29/14 2:51:32 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: you on?
    [5/29/14 11:04:17 PM] Giga Hertz: Hi there
    [5/29/14 11:04:20 PM] Giga Hertz: how are you doing?
    [5/29/14 11:31:49 PM] Giga Hertz: Hello? you there
    [5/30/14 12:03:56 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: hey whats up?
    [5/30/14 12:06:57 AM] Giga Hertz: hi there
    [5/30/14 12:07:03 AM] Giga Hertz: i saw a dispute on paypal
    [5/30/14 12:07:07 AM] Giga Hertz: sorry for the delay
    [5/30/14 12:07:18 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: its all good, do you have the bot completed?
    [5/30/14 12:07:35 AM] Giga Hertz: yes
    [5/30/14 12:07:40 AM] Giga Hertz: going to send it now on your email
    [5/30/14 12:07:43 AM] Giga Hertz: 1sec
    [5/30/14 12:07:48 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: alright nice
    [5/30/14 12:08:06 AM] Giga Hertz: hopefully you cancel the dispute
    [5/30/14 12:08:32 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: if everything works out, i'll cancel and send you the remaining $50
    [5/30/14 12:08:48 AM] Giga Hertz: okay
    [5/30/14 12:09:22 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: message me when you've sent the bot to my email
    [5/30/14 12:31:41 AM] Giga Hertz: will do
    [5/30/14 12:37:13 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: when do you plan on sending it over? It's done right? It's getting late over here. If you can send it over now, I can test it real quick then shoot over the remaining payment
    [5/30/14 12:37:26 AM] Giga Hertz: hold on
    [5/30/14 12:37:34 AM] Giga Hertz: your email again
    [5/30/14 12:37:40 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: *removed*
    [5/30/14 12:37:59 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: or just send it via skype
    [5/30/14 12:38:01 AM] Giga Hertz: tell me when you receive it
    [5/30/14 12:38:05 AM] Giga Hertz: kindly cancel the dispute
    [5/30/14 12:38:09 AM] Giga Hertz: when receive
    [5/30/14 12:40:01 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: just got it testing now
    [5/30/14 12:41:48 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: password.....
    [5/30/14 12:42:33 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: plus this file looks way to small....
    [5/30/14 12:43:00 AM] Giga Hertz: because you will be needing to install it and it will automatically download the file on my server
    [5/30/14 12:43:20 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: whats the password to unzip it
    [5/30/14 12:43:41 AM] Giga Hertz: hold on, kindly cancel the dispute.. ill shoot away the password
    [5/30/14 12:44:08 AM] Giga Hertz: then installed it, will guide you on how it works
    [5/30/14 12:44:57 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: lol how about you send me the password so I can test that I have working software before I release money to you, or I escalate to a claim and open a shitlist on BHW
    [5/30/14 12:45:02 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: I'm not an idiot
    [5/30/14 12:45:31 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: I have proved that I am trustworthy by sending you a payment. You were the one that hasn't delivered on time
    [5/30/14 12:45:51 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: if not then show me a working software via TV
    [5/30/14 12:46:10 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: if your worried about your software being compromised
    [5/30/14 12:46:15 AM] Giga Hertz: i am sorry about the late delivery of the bot, my apology. you can test it out after i give you the pass.
    [5/30/14 12:46:26 AM] Giga Hertz: compromise?
    [5/30/14 12:46:35 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: Send me the password then
    [5/30/14 12:47:05 AM] Giga Hertz: kindly cancel the dispute, will give the password then send me the remaining payment as agreed
    [5/30/14 12:49:53 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: why. because your worried I'm going to steal your software? I gave you an alternative. You obviously can't be trusted because you've failed to deliver the project on time and now your asking me to cancel the dispute when I haven't been delivered my software. Here's the alternative ill send you a list of accounts and you can show me the software via TV or screenshare uploading profile pictures to them. If you can't do that, then guess what? Not only am I escalating my dispute to a claim, but I'm also opening a shitlist thread on BHW and the whole community will see that you are a scammer, and you're account will be banned.
    [5/30/14 12:50:01 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: So.....what do you want to do?
    [5/30/14 12:50:14 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: I already know that there is no software lol, but please prove me wrong
    [5/30/14 12:50:29 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: I'm not an idiot.
    [5/30/14 12:50:45 AM] Giga Hertz: you cannot steal the software as the files will be downloaded on my server
    [5/30/14 12:51:08 AM] Giga Hertz: your wrong
    [5/30/14 12:51:10 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: what....?
    [5/30/14 12:51:21 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: then why can't you send me the password
    [5/30/14 12:51:25 AM] Giga Hertz: and i am not saying that you are an idiot buddy
    [5/30/14 12:51:37 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: or better yet be a normal dev and send me a .zip that has the .exe in it
    [5/30/14 12:51:53 AM] Giga Hertz: i can send the exe files to you directly
    [5/30/14 12:52:07 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: .......................why didn't you do that from the begining
    [5/30/14 12:52:23 AM] Giga Hertz: because i want to make sure that you cancel the dispute
    [5/30/14 12:52:43 AM] Giga Hertz: i will not ruin my reputation for just 50 bucks
    [5/30/14 12:52:55 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: thats what I'm saying. IF your worried about me stealing the software SHOW ME THE WORKING BOT VIA TEAMVIEWER
    [5/30/14 12:53:22 AM] Giga Hertz: i can.. but you are a newbie on BHW and no itrader feedback that is what i am worried about
    [5/30/14 12:53:48 AM] Giga Hertz: Join Date
    Apr 2014
    [5/30/14 12:54:02 AM] Giga Hertz: xZiiGz : Newbies
    [5/30/14 12:54:08 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: How are you worried about showing me via team viewer..........
    [5/30/14 12:54:14 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: and so what add my partner then
    [5/30/14 12:54:19 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: he's a Jr. VIP
    [5/30/14 12:54:21 AM] Giga Hertz: cancel the dispute you can have the password
    [5/30/14 12:54:31 AM] Giga Hertz: send the remaining payment after
    [5/30/14 12:54:34 AM] Giga Hertz: tested
    [5/30/14 12:54:35 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: you're a retard, have fun explaining this shitlist
    [5/30/14 12:54:43 AM] Giga Hertz: no worries
    [5/30/14 12:54:45 AM] Giga Hertz: i can
    [5/30/14 12:55:06 AM] Giga Hertz: as you already filed a dispute for me getting a little delay
    [5/30/14 12:56:00 AM] Giga Hertz: your software has been delivered, but with a password
    [5/30/14 12:56:47 AM] Giga Hertz: btw i am not a retard
    [5/30/14 1:01:10 AM] Giga Hertz: btw here is the screenshot
    [5/30/14 1:01:40 AM] Giga Hertz sent a file to this group:
    [5/30/14 1:02:53 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: hahahahah
    [5/30/14 1:02:59 AM] Giga Hertz: lol
    [5/30/14 1:03:19 AM] Giga Hertz: (ci)
    [5/30/14 1:03:37 AM] Giga Hertz: seriously?
    [5/30/14 1:08:32 AM] Giga Hertz: so?
    [5/30/14 1:08:38 AM] Giga Hertz: im waiting for your answer
    [5/30/14 1:09:02 AM] xZiiGz / BWH: I'm writing this shitlist, i'll send it to you when I finish its hillarious
    [5/30/14 1:09:12 AM] Giga Hertz: lol
    Screenshot he sent me of my awesome bot
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    gigahertz has been notified by PM and skype that he has 48 hours to respond.

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    PS. REMINDER Shit list rule #4:
    If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread.
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    still no response OS? he seemed confident in his ability to explain this shitlist in our skype logs.
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    gigahertz has been perma-banned.

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    "escrow is a french word for people who steal" 2 secs later - How does escrow work?