Lost $700 to Fraud. Need a new payment proccesor

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    Hi guys,

    I used to run a business selling virtual goods inside of a game(world of warcraft). I know that selling virtual goods is agaisnt PP terms of service but it seemed so low risk at the time. Basically someone bough over $700 worth of services in the game. I had a freelancer who would do the work for me and we had a pretty good relationship. So, like a dumbass, I paid him upfront. Long story short, the freelancer disappears, the buy charges back(every transaction was charged back not just the one that was incomplete). I end up losing both disputes and now debt collectors are sending me mail.

    I'm looking to start a new venture but I'm really weary of something like this happening again. What would you guys reccomend for selling services? Currently looking at 2checkout. BTW the average transaction of my new venture is going to be $400-1200 depending. So Chargebacks are a huge deal