Loophole or what?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by gritts, Jun 13, 2012.

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    So I was looking for a trailer for a movie and find what appears to be the full length film. Normally it's some spam video that has a few clips and suddenly ends to tell me to go to some shady CPA website to unlock the full thing. However this time it's different, the video length is actually that of the movie. So at this point I'm thinking that maybe it's one of the official titles that are purposely uploaded on there but it wasn't. I then start to watch it waiting for a black screen prompting me with some BS but nope, it was the real deal.

    With that said, is there some current loophole or something as normally that stuff would have gotten taken down pretty quickly, this video had 100k+ views and I found a few other people doing the same thing...
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    Edit: Didn't read that correctly at all, no idea.

    In fact, I do remember seeing a full version of Lord of the Rings on Youtube, and it had a little thing saying "Content of Blahblah" which probably means that a lot of them are staying up because the content owners are making money off the videos.
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    Unpopular videos aren't taken down as fast. I've seen movies on YouTube since 2008 that haven't been removed yet, with hundreds of thousands of views. From the looks of it (pure hypothesis), if the movie was made after 2009 then it gets taken down.