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    I'm looking forward to selling on ebay, but I do not know where to start.

    I have no money to invest, only my personal ebay account with 30+ 100% positive feedback

    Perhaps someone can lead me towards the right direction?

    If this is the incorrect forum to post in, please move...but all selling(on ebay) strictly occurs here....

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    Honestly, the best way to start is by selling unused items in your house so you can learn the process.

    Once you have that down, you need to find items to sell. You can try the normal garage sales, goodwill/salvation army, or you can every sell dollar tree items for a profit online.

    Or you can use a credit card if you're confident enough that you'll sell your inventory to cover the expense. You can try to hit up liquidation.com for bulk lots.

    Things I consider when deciding to sell a new product:
    1. Is it easy to package
    2. Can I relist the listing over and over without much effort
    3. Will it fit within USPS provided packaging (which is free)
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