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Looking To Start A SEO Team

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by StonedTitan, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. StonedTitan

    StonedTitan Junior Member

    Aug 5, 2009
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    Like the thread title says im looking to start a team to work together on SEO Projects. I'm fairly good at SEO work myself but as most of you know it is a lot of work to maintain and build up several different websites in different niches working alone.

    What Do I Need?

    Well basically what i need is someone who is good with graphics for making banners and optimizing the whitehat sites we make whatever they may be as this will be discussed among the group. The other skill i need is article writers, Whatever niche we choose will need a nice amount of articles written and spun for building up the authority of our whitehat sites. So if you have either of these skills and want to work as a group on something then let me know with a PM. If i can get enough dedicated people interested id be more than willing to setup a LLC or something of that nature to make our partnership legitamate as ive been burned before.

    What Do I Offer?

    Well like i mentioned at first im good at SEO on my own and know how its done. If your good at writing articles and want to start to learn SEO this is for you as ill teach you everything i know. The same goes for web designers.

    I also have a liscenced copy of xrumer with a dedicated server that i pay for each month. If needed i can run xrumer on 2 servers for our projects. Also i actually know how to use xrumer and have been working with a group on irc for sever months figureing out some of the nice little features and different ways to use the software.

    Lastly ill be taking care of all the domain name registration fees needed along with hosting fee's so basically if you have some skills and want to get in on a project ill foot the bill and whatever we make pays for the re-occuring bills and is distributed amongst the team. (This means ill pay for a domain name and a server if we need it and then when we start to make money all that has to be taken out is the next months server fee's and i dont need to be paid back for the inital costs)

    So i think i prty much covered everything so let me know if your interested by pm!