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    Hi all,

    My name is Urvesh Vasani, I am with SINWeb, an internet marketing firm based in India. I have a team of 14 highly skilled SEO professionals with an experience of working on over 500+ internet marketing projects and have ranked for highly competitive keywords such as "SEO" (yes, part of my team has been a part of a project where they ranked for the keyword: 'seo' and got the site into the top 5 on Google.com!), "online dating", "video conferencing" etc.

    Now, I've been running my SEO consulting firm since February 2012, and currently have 5 clients on board and I can't wait to expand. However, my target market is the US, Canada, UK etc. And it's difficult for me to market my services there sitting here in Bombay.

    I'm looking for web design/IT companies from around the world who have an existing client base to resell these SEO services. Above all, my USP here is - ALL our contracts come with a GUARANTEED first page ranking. This reduces your risk tremendously and helps you sell these services more easily. And everyone providing SEO serivces out there, you can outsource from us and provide better services to your clients.

    -- Sample case study --

    We began work on a real estate company's site in February to rank for 5 keywords in the top 10 on Google.com by the END OF JULY.
    MID-MAY we provided them TOP FIVE rankings for EIGHTEEN keywords.

    The client is so happy, he's going to be sending 6 more websites our way in the coming year.

    With a team as talented as mine, it's almost impossible to lose clients and guaranteed monthly recurring income!


    Let me know if you have any questions, looking forward to partner with you!

    Please, get in touch:

    Skype - urveshvasani
    Phone - USA: +1 253-242-1782
    India: +91 961 956 9431
    Email - [email protected]


    Thanks a lot for your time!
    Urvesh Vasani