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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by EmpireQuality, Feb 15, 2012.

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    I am looking to partner with, and also learn from, an experienced PPC marketer. PPC for CPA, to be specific. I will put up 100% of the initial investment, and you will be the one to run a profitable campaign. We will split the profits 50 50. Like I said, I am also looking to learn a lot from this joint venture because I am very new to PPC, but I want to start investing my money into it. I am looking for someone who can guarantee a profitable campaign. For example, If I were to invest $100 for the whole campaign, I would like for us to EACH profit at least $50, but double'ing my invest would obviously be much better. I want this to be a good learning experience for me as well as a great JV for someone who does not have start up money right now. I will say once again that I am looking for VERY EXPERIENCED PPC marketers ONLY and you must be a very reputable BHW member. I do not have time to deal with people who are not qualified. PM me! :)
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    I dont think anyone is interested unless they dont have money.