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    I run a successful financial newsletter with one of the best market timers in the world. We are looking to try and expand our reach to a specific targeted audience through some software we purchased that runs through linkedin. There 4 separate software applications we are looking to utilize:
    1.) Dux Soup
    2.) Linkedingroup gold 3.7
    3.) Linkconnect
    4.) linkviewer

    We have a large number of connection on linkedin that are all in the financial industry. There are also many large groups that have a specific target audience we would like to tap into. I am not technical savvy and looking for someone to set things up for us with the above software applications above. If you have any different ideas, we are open to using that as well. Our goal is to hit this very targeted audience via linked in-being most people who find our website and newsletter-never leave.

    I am will to negotiate payments for your service-but time is a factor. We just recently paid a marketer $5000 and it really didn't do much as far as subscribers or leads. Why I want to go down this road-with someone who knows the outside the box marketing. We want to start this asap. Again, we are open to any other marketing ideas. Thank you in advance. Gary

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