Looking to hire a programer.

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    Firstly, I am new here so If i'm spamming then I'm sorry I don't mean too.

    I have been looking for relevent information about creating MASSIVE amounts of facebook accounts. I would like to launch a huge facebook campaign. I've bought several thousand likes from companys (I know that was a noob move). THe likes disappeared after two weeks and company doesn't reply. I would like to take matters into my own hands.

    To gain traffic i would like to make my page look very busy. So I need to create, and be able to manage several thousand accounts. Have them like, comment, poke, ETC. Programs can only seem to do bits and pieces of this equation.

    So here I am looking to hire a programer or just somebody who can help me. If you point me in the right direction, meaning I create atleast 100 accounts and can manage them all while they look real, I am willing to pay 50$. If you can create a custom program for me then we can negotiate a price. It doesn't have to be super complex I just want something that can work. If you can create the program to work on Ubuntu that would be so much better for me too. Windows or Linux please. Linux would be a huge PLUS for me though. Thank you for reading this, once again I am sorry if this is spam I hope it isn't.

    Let me make this clear again, the 50$ is if you can help me find the right BOTS to do this. Basically paying you to tell me what to download, buy, ETC. I am mostly looking for a teacher. That's what I feel I need.
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    You can't have a personal bot with those features for the price you are offering. There are several Facebook bots out there on BST, why not try it? And you also need PVA's. So either way you will be spending big for that campaign. So I suggest you just buy likes, shares, and I think people are also selling comments now? (I may be wrong, though) Having likes that sticks is hard to find though from what I heard.