Looking to buy Facebook App with simple extra permissions approved

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    Hello fellas, this request is solely for experienced guys that have done this before and know how to get extra permissions approved.

    I need to buy 1 (or more, depending on your experience / price) app with these extra permissions approved:

    (!! this is not the age_range that comes with the public_profile)

    These two are a must, if you can get any extra others (the green ones) that'd be great.


    (not interested to manage / post anything on their wall, just need as much personal user data). How you would get the permissions approved is totally up to you! That means you can use your own method to get them approved, all I need is a blank app with these 2 permissions approved and you to get paid for your time and effort.

    I am also open to negotiate for extra permissions approved for the app.

    Please reach out in PM with your skype/email so I can contact you for your price or leave your contact here, I don't think I have enough posts/activity here to reply within a PM.

    This can be an ongoing collaboration. Thanks for your time!

    Later edit: I've just noticed that WTB threads are not allowed here, while I see other / older WTB topics active. If my topic is not allowed here, admin please let me know and I will remove it asap, just unsure if that rule still applies.
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