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    I've been in business for a long time as the owner of a technology company and over the years I've learned you can't know everything! Especially in the technology industry making relationship and partnerships with others is a practice the will help you in the long run.

    As with many things in life, something that has great value will not retain it's value if EVERYONE has it, so I'm looking for a smaller select group of quality ScrapeBox people who might be interested in working together in a few ways. I"m up for suggestions!

    I have a few ideas that I was going to offer up to see who might be interested.

    I've been working with ScrapeBox alot lately and I've recently developed apps to automate my ScrapeBox tasks on my VPS! If anyone has a VPS server that they don't use all the time, I would be interested in developing one of my automated scripts to run ScrapeBox on your server when you aren't using it! I would develop an app that would be scheduled on your server and in return we would SHARE any lists that were developed!

    Second, I'm curious if anyone out there would be interested in setting up some select groups of people to trade some lists. I'm not talking about lists you downloads that are stale. I'm more interested in quality partners who have quality material to share, but at the same time this would be very limited so these lists would not be saturated.

    Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there and see if anyone was interested.

    PM me if you have ideas or interest.

    Have a good day,

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