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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ceeme123, Sep 14, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    My website is very good but in a very competitive industry. We have fresh good quality videos, we have the industry leaders working with us (which is our usp), I have access to people who write me fresh really high quality articles each week, we have an online magazine which is updated daily (not fresh material).

    However, I have only been trying to SEO for the last two months and am new to this. We only get 40 hits a day - we only have 15 back links!

    We are keyword optimized (URLS, meta descriptions, title tags etc) so now I'm thinking we just need to keep updating our site with fresh work and get loads of backlinks, right?

    My confusion comes from what is blackhat and what is whitehat, I am thinking about using these two providers ('linkpushing' or 'seo-back-links') - is there any potential they can get me sand boxed from google? Obviously their sites say no, lol.

    Any advice would be great! Cheers
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    Hey ceeme123,

    Here is the basic low down on black hat and white hat.

    Black hat: black hat is mostly building backlinks using automated link building
    tools such as SENuke, Scrapebox, Xrumer etc and if your site is new and you start
    using these tools straight away, there is a good possibility that your site will get sandboxed.

    White hat: white hat is mostly building links by hand and is a time consuming
    process. Quality white hat SEO services will cost you a bunch but you will have
    zero worries about your site being bannished from the big G.

    My tip: start of with a bit of white hat SEO to build a good foundation, directories,
    articles, press releases etc and then once you have a few more white hat links under
    your belt, then start with the black hat SEO. Tip 2: Dont build Scrapebox links or
    Xrumer links especially directly to your money site, point them to your article links
    or other profile pages.

    There are some good providers of SEO in the services for sale section here, i'd use them.

    Hope this helps...