Looking someone for making Adwords account

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    Hello mates .
    Im looking someone for making and handling Google Adwords account.
    I can not make an account because google will suspend it , And I don't know why :(
    What should you do is :
    1- Making an account
    2- Applying your billing address
    Please note that I will NEVER ask for account details , password and etc . So your billing information is safe.
    In this part you should only pay $10.
    3- I give you a promotional code .
    4- I give you the elements of a campaign ( like settings of adgroups , campaigns and etc ) And you apply them.
    5- Nothing more :)

    I will pay you $25 for this very easy job . Please pay attention that you have to spend $10 in the process of verifying account.