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    Before you read further, know that I cannot afford to pay you.
    However, you may insert 1 backlink to your author bio (appears after each post).

    My Blog's Stats are... (click to enlarge)
    alexa.JPG pr.JPG seocheckup.jpg wp refs.jpg
    pictures are from Alexa, Google PR checker, seositecheckup.com, and the admin panel in my wp blog

    I've got myself a nice little online magazine going (basically an affiliate blog, with just a hint of adsense).

    But it has very little content [​IMG]

    That's where you come in. [​IMG]


    • Native English Speaker with excellent spelling & grammar
    • Excellent researching skills, to post informative postings
    • Charismatic, personable, conversational type writing style
    • Absolutely 0% tolerance for spun, or generated articles. It must be unique quality content.

    Topics this site covers:

    News in;

    • science
    • technology
    • bio technology
    • space exploration
    • future technologies, future predictions for technology
    • Video Game releases
    • Product releases, announcements

    Reviews in;

    • Computers
    • Electronics
    • Various eco-friendly solutions; solar, wind, geothermal energy generators
    • Video Games / Consoles

    Tutorials in;

    • coding language
    • computer hardware / software troubleshooting
    • roughly any kind of tutorial step-by-step guide that fits within the realm of computers, science and or electronics

    Basically, looking for content on electronics which is exciting but most of all helpful and informative (none of that e-zine shit)

    Peak your interest? Send me a PM, asking for details.
    Your backlink will appear in the author bio which is automatically placed under each post you make. You can have a backlink to whatever you like, except no bad sites.

    If you prove yourself you may find yourself given the key to post blogs as often as you like.
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    You have to tell people about the popularity of your site. What PR does it have? Does it have visitors? Nobody will write for you if your site is just an indexed entity somewhere in the IM desert.
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    Oops, forgot to put the stats up.

    Okay, I have them up now.
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    If you are not hiring a freelancer and won't pay for the posts, just post this thread in another section instead of here.