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    Looking for a talented writer in the technology niche. The writer must be able to keep up with tech news and write small how 2 tutorials on simple computing and internet tasks. I would normally do this my self or hire a writer but ive decided to do a JV on this one to see the results.

    What will be good about doing a JV with me is I will cover all the costs for hosting and SEO. I have an array of IM tools that I will share with my partner. I will mainly be outsourcing the SEO to some of the best SEO Experts and am going to be investing $100's of dollars every month into the site. The websites will have premium plugins that automaticaly submit unique versions of the post to bookmarks, micro blogs and rss sites creating 100s of backlinks just buy posting. I have an excellent strategy I want to use for this site and i have very high hopes. I am willing to put everything into it aslong as i have a good partner and writer working with me.

    This isent going to be a instant moneymaker but rather something that will be long term and will provide a continus passive income once the site is established and ranked on google for 100's of keywords. We will use my adsense account and also maybe some cpa offers. Adsense screenshots will be provided every month to show earnings for the site. And 50% that is due will be paid same as any cpa offers that are used.

    What would be expected from the writer

    • To write a minimum of 3 UNIQUE HAND WRITTEN (copy scape passed) 500 word articles a day on the niche specified. They must be useful and of a good standard.
    • Keep up to date with tech news
    • Daily updates on Skype or by email with a report of what has been done.
    What I will do:

    • Will buy the domain
    • create the site
    • host it on my hosting
    • will provide use of my IM tools
    • will out source seo to other SEO experts.
    This is a unique chance for someone who has got the skills to write good articles but not the skills to impliment them into a money making site. I am a sincere and honest guy and looking for someone who is of the same charecter to build a solid business partnership. This site could possible lead onto others who knows. If you are interested in my offer then please PM me a sample of your writing and any other questions you may have.

    Before anyone asks me why dont I hire a writer. Answer is I simply dont want to, I am looking for someone to work with to eventually make some good money together. Thanks. :)