Looking for Writer for Authority Site JV whew $10k+ potential

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    I?m looking for partner because this projects is on my desk from couple months but I don?t have time to crate content my self plus I?m not native speaker, you will have no problem communicating whew me but I cannot write perfectly in English plus I?m more technical person then copywriter.

    So a little bit about project.

    I?m looking for a partner to develop authority site whew 200+ Pages of content. I?m looking for partner that fluently writhes and speaks English and is native speaker preferable from USA. Project will be in fitness/exercise niche. Monetization mainly via Amazon and additionally by Adsens for keywords that are not directly selling products. Niche has big potential for 5 digits profit. And I am willing to split profit from all income streams with the ideal candidate 50/50.

    What I Will provide.

    • Website (I will pay for hosting domain and will crate website)
    • SEO Knowledge and experience (on page and off page SEO and keyword Reserch)
    • Link Building
    • Making scripts to automate some day to day tasks.

    What You Will do

    • Write content for website including rankings of products.
    • Post answers to treads in related forums to crate presence in niche and get some high quality links
    • Write Content for tier 1 links
    • Voice over and scripts for videos (I can also teach you how you can crate whole video)
    • Fixing my English in any content I may do my self for website

    About me:
    I?m in Interent Marketing sins 3 years. I started in local SEO for Poland I ranked some very high competition keywords targeted for Poland For example (keywords translated from polish) ?Bank Accounts?, ?Internet Perfumery? ect. I also worked on projects for some well known brands like Microsoft and Tesco. From 1,5 year I?m focusing on SEO targeted for USA currently I?m running two projects. And now I want to crate one much bigger project. I?m very good in keyword research I can find some very good keywords that are low competition. I use my own dedicated scripts to analyze competition, ultimate niche finder and Long Tail Pro.

    More About Project:
    I did keyword competition research for two categories of product for this projeckt on Amazon there are couple more categories we will target. Total search volume of keywords for USA that can be ranked is around 150 000 average CPC of keywords is around 3 USD and average product price is above 100 USD. In 150k searches are around 300 keywords for around 50-70 landing pages. And I think I can get another 150k search volume keywords from other similar products categories in niche. I need abut weak to complete keyword research but until end of year I want to focus on personal maters.

    Bellow you can see detailed Keyword competition and search volume according to Long Tail Pro. It is total volume of keyword searches per month in specific difficulty ranges according to LTP creator guild lines.
    10-20 KC 4050 Searches/Month (Extremely low Competition)
    21-25 KC 20040 Searches/Month (Low Competition)
    26-30 KC 75720 Searches/Month (Low Competition)
    31-35 KC 65560 Searches/Month (Moderate Competition but still rankable)
    35-~40 KC 71150 Searches/Month (Moderate Competition It can be ranked if there are worth of it)

    Bellow examples of keywords for one of landing pages that I start research whew.

    Avg. CPC Local Searches Advertiser Competition Avg KC according to LTP
    $7.13 6,600 High 28
    $8.14 2,900 Medium 27
    $8.67 1,000 Medium 24
    $6.64 1,000 Medium 27
    My and your safety.
    Very important for me is fairness of whole JV and your and my safety. I suggest:

    • I will register and host domain in my name and we will use my adsens account for adsens monetization (which should be smaller income source)
    • You will register Amazon account in your name and will get pay checks in your name. I prefer if you are US citizens since it is pain in ass to get money from Amazon if you are not from USA.
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