Looking for Webcam/ relevant adult traffic affiliate program.

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by Jetsetskyking, Apr 5, 2016.

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    I'm looking for something new, I didn't enjoy crakrevenue.
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    Hi Jets,

    Is there anything we can assist you with?

    If there's any way we can help change that view, please don't hesitate to send us a PM letting us know (and please include your CrakRevenue ID), thanks!

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    It can be challenging when first getting started with these cam types of offers and promotions. There is a lot of competition right now and a heavy saturation effect. Nonetheless many of us are having decent success with CrakRevenue and some other providers.

    Sometimes it can be very frustrating in these niches because we can become accustomed to certain high conversion figures or revenue that comes in hard and fierce at first but REALLY fizzles out over time. Or when one is using a really long-term strategy such as using tube sites to drive traffic, it can take a very long time to generate the kind of traffic that gets good revenue.

    You've got to consider that the offers being put in front of your customers can become stale if you have a lot of the same people coming back to your sites regularly(which is the goal sort of - just to have lots of traffic). After a while it is unavoidable that you start to get some of the same people coming back(particularly if you use more than one of your own sites for redirecting the offers).

    So you need to mix it up sometimes. Throw in some chaturbate offers perhaps, find some other affiliate programs to promote as well. Split-test whatever you can. Try a landing page in-between the offers.

    I want to caution you not to expect much better performance on these types of offers in other networks. The real problem here for most people isn't the offers. It's how the traffic is driven, and one would do well to consider that completely blind traffic(traffic that has no idea what to expect when typing your url) does not convert particularly well. So keep your expectations in check, but certainly try other networks and other offers. Just don't expect to get rich overnight.

    This is a slow and steady process where continued effort is the only thing rewarded if you're doing the kinds of things you might have learned here on BHW relative to cam offers.


    Really want to put some ideas in your head here so consider these other types of options for where you might send this kind of traffic:

    • Tube Sites (Hosting your own tube sites is easy with many paid and/or free content population options)
    • Hosted Tube Sites (PimpRoll) - Kind of like domain parking. They host the tube. You customize it and send traffic.
    • WhiteLabel Cam Sites - Chaturbate and other providers will allow you to create a custom WhiteLabel Cam site so instead of people just seeing "Chaturbate," you can use your own header graphics, and layout of your WhiteLabel.
    • Social Accounts - It might seem strange, but to really mix things up you can throw in some of your social accounts as landing pages and you can do MANY things using this structure. You can get more followers, likes, promote offers, etc... But do consider using Tube Traffic as a means to build your followings at various helpful social networks.
    • Paid Video Sites - Affiliate programs exist for all the major tube sites, so if you have a solid traffic source you can generate some money on a pay-per-view basis at most of the major tube sites, and you can also direct traffic to PAID high quality or private membership sites which can work quite well in various obscure niches.

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    convert trash traffic into cash
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