Looking For Web Designer (SEO Knowledge required)

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    Hi guys, I'm looking for a web designer to help me with some projects. The websites I build are often for the local electrician or plumber, so they're not to fancy. SEO knowledge is a must (this is why I'm posting here), flash / jquery knowledge is a must, good communication & PERFECT english is a must. I will list here some of the skills you must have:

    * Good SEO knowledge is a must. The site must be structured properly when designed to help get the best rankings.
    * Great design skills. I need you to be able to think for yourself & provide quality work.
    * Flash design skills, database knowledge etc....
    * Excellent communication skills.

    I must speak directly with the people building the website, I do not like to speak with a 3rd party / sales rep & have them relay my information.

    Please PM me with examples of your work & what you charged for that work. This will help me understand what you're looking to charge for your work.
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    PM you complete information. Looking to hear from you. THANKS :)