Looking for Web 2.0, Article submitter, bookmarker (automated/manual)

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    Apr 22, 2011
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    Looking for a somewhat experienced SEOer to put in a couple hrs/day.
    Price will be $400-500/mth (paid out daily as content is created or wracked up and paid all at once at the end of each month whichever the person prefers)

    Looking for both Senuke/Venom web 2.0 creation and also some manual work + posting prespun articles (we provide you with) into them.

    Also doing the above to Article dir and PR dir
    Looking for like 60 web 2.0s/day + 20-100 PR/articles/day.
    We want 100+ new social bookmarks every day (from diff accounts)... bookmarking demon is fine.

    PM me your experience... this will be a long term relationship if you're any good at it (and we'll definitely be adding additional sites)