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Looking for Warm DirecTV Call In Leads

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by jspitzer93, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. jspitzer93

    jspitzer93 Regular Member

    Sep 29, 2009
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    If you can can generate DirecTV leads.. (phone calls would be best) shoot me a PM and let's talk.

    I can take an unlimited amount of calls daily so would love to work with any heavy hitters.

    We can provide a unique 888 number and you can view all of your stats in real time.

    If you can generate satellite tv, cable tv, dish network or direct tv leads this will be a good money maker for you
  2. oldschooldude

    oldschooldude Newbie

    Mar 6, 2013
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    Gonna have to wait to message you. Have to make 15 posts first. If you can feel free to message me. I have both DIRECTV and Dish covered pretty good. Really need something for Dish right now...you have to have unique phone numbers that can be tracked. Otherwise no interest.