Looking for VAs


Sep 29, 2011
Hey lads,

As the title suggest, I'm looking for VA's or agencies that provide workers that can do some work for either one of my projects:

1. Video scrapper. Tools and sources would be provided, the niche is adult just a heads up.
- Gotta download lots of videos, upload them.
- Categorize them (I have lots of workflows n methods to automate as much as possible)

2. Tiktok video posters (mainstream niche)
- I would provide video clips (20-50 sec long)
- I would provide accs or they can be created by the VA's.
- They would post 3 videos per day from each account.

If ya'll need more details on the exact workflows and how much it can be automated, hit me up, I'll provide more info.

I'm looking for a quote. Requirements are internet connection and (somewhat) decent english, can be broken, doesn't matter too much.
I am interested to do this work. Sending the PM.
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