Looking for VA competent in SEO and IM

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    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for someone that is competent in a broad range of IM and SEO tasks. There is no specific daily or recurring task. Some days there will be no tasks, other days there will be lots. Some possible task examples you would have to be able to perform :

    - I want a list of 100 X sites in Y country (for instance : find me 100 sites about cars in Italy)
    - Find expired domains using given methods.
    - Analyse domains based on popular metrics.
    - Scrape keywords in niche X in country Y. (for instance : expand this Italian kw list from 1000 kw to 10.000)
    - Scrape websites/urls (for instance : Scrape me a few thousand french porn sites)
    - Scrape articles/content
    - Analyse sites backlinks, find easily reproducible links

    Qualities I am looking for :
    - Online on skype a lot during 10:00 - 2200 GMT
    - Speak and write good English
    - Well versed with Excel
    - Good with all the popular SEO tools like ahrefs, semrush etc.

    There will always be at least 200-300$ worth of work for you every month at the minimum although it's a high possibility it can reach 1k+ depending on how our projects go.

    If interested please PM me with :
    - what skills you have
    - Where you are from
    - age
    - why you would like this job
    - your skype

    I will give everyone that I select a test-task that will take approximately 1 hour, for which I will give you 10$.
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    sent you a PM.
    Please kindly let me know if you're interested. Thank you!
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    sent you a pm