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    hello BHW,

    I was wondering if anyone can share his/her advice if you've dealt with trademarks before.

    I have owned and operated a transportation/service company with a certain 'name' since 2004.
    Advertised in print, directories and everywhere online I am on page one for industry specific
    terms and locations.

    In 2008 another company (biggest player on the market) filed proposition to use my name across
    Canada, where I operate. I hired a trademark lawyer and filed for opposition. The case has reached
    a point where I am supposed to provide all evidence regarding my advertising and use of name, which
    I have done..

    However, my lawyer has gotten back to me saying that such proof alone is not enough - I have to provide
    the trademark office with numbers - my ad budget, revenue and total clients per year. This kind of
    baffled me because i am not trying to sell anything yet or take any kind of settlement to back off.
    We're trying to prove the use of such name which I believe the references and marketing materials along
    with invoices clearly prove.

    Now I am a little worried that my lawyer is fucking around to get more cash or whatever. Should I go
    ahead and disclose all info or seek for another representative?

    Your opinion, which i understand is not legal advice, would be greatly appreciated!!!