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    Well, I am a nineteen year old college kid who hates the idea of flipping burgers for minimum wage when my intelligent mind could be put to use in areas that are more appealing, and profitable, to me.

    After searching "profit" on some online sites, I eventually was brought to SEO/Adsense sites and my interest latched on. My search and research led me to BHW and this place has been nothing less than a GOLDMINE of knowledge.

    Now, after two weeks in the SEO game, I currently have a website that is listed on page two of the SERPS for two of my keywords. My original plans were aimed for adsense (which likely will still be one avenue of income) but if there's one thing I learned from BHW users, its to not keep my eggs in one basket.

    That led me to affiliate marketing, and furthermore, clickbank. Now for the question portion.

    I know there is no "best way" of marketing in general, or else everyone would hop on it and it would drown. I do however believe that there is a best way for ME. That's where you guys come in.

    As you already know, I have an SEO site that isn't doing too poorly in its first couple weeks, and I have the resources to make more. The problem is time. Time is money, I have limited time, and I want to try to find a way that can translate that limited time into the highest possible profit.

    My questions are:

    Is making SEO sites among the quickest methods of going about affiliate marketing?

    Should I be focusing heavier in certain areas of the web (Social media, e-mailing, blogging, etc.)?

    Do I seem like your usual nub who asks stupid questions?

    Please, any and all feedback is welcome. if you want to troll me, please do so. Trolling is just another way of telling me "you're doing something wrong, fix it."