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    I have a company (competitor) that is getting some unreal rankings and cannot for the life of me figure out how they're doing it. I am pretty well educated in the SEO tricks, tools, and strategies but have seen nothing like this. It's been working for 2 years or more, it puts them at #1 for highly competitive keywords, with multiple different sites, in multiple different keyword spaces, and they have been unphased by any google updates, despite having a small backlink footprint, little to no content, and nothing else that shows why they would be so solid in such a tough space.

    I'm looking for someone with a proven track record to consult me and help to understand what on earth they're doing that no one else has figured out.

    (FYI : Long time reader of BHW, but my first time posting - so if you think I'm scamming you somehow, there's nothing I can do to prove you wrong - except to pay you well)
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    White Hat SEO Company
    American Trends
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    Unique and Spun Blogpost, Real Guest Posting.
    Sparta World to BHW
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    Guaranteed SEO

    Please find the details of our package below

    Our SEO Services is not just a submission service. We provide guaranteed ranking on Google First Page.
    We support almost all keywords of any competition

    This is the process carried out...

    First step is Keyword research. If you have you own set of keywords,if you are sure you want to target the those keywords then this step is skipped. Else we will research and make a set profitable keywords with "buyer intent". with a single campaign we support up to 25 keywords.

    At this point we undertake competition analysis which is again critical to determine to see what you are up against and we can then seek to build a campaign based on what our findings are. We then seek to formulate a campaign that we feel will be effective for you to rank on page 1 for your chosen keywords based on the prior keyword research. We then seek to begin an off site link building campaign based on the above.

    OFF SITE Link Building : The Key of Ranking
    By this Service we cover almost all types of link properties on the internet. Before going into the properties just see how the properties are created.
    * Each and every submission made by unique content, not even a single content is repeated.
    * No footprints of SEO exposed in any submission
    * Links are created only in the domains where Google always surfs
    * We show the properties are created by real peoples around the world with the help of all country IP's

    Properties created are....
    1. Secret not revealed Private Blog Network (PR break down varies from PR2 up to PR6, most of the sites are PR3 and PR4)
    2. Infographics
    3. Social Signals (Facebook, Twitter etc etc)
    4. Video Sharing
    5. Press Releases
    6. Web2.0
    7. Social Bookmarkings
    8. Article Submissions
    9. CCS submission
    10. Doctument Sharing
    11. Forum Posting
    12. Q&A Submission
    13. Image & Logo Submission
    14. PowerPoint Slide Sharing
    15. Product Submission
    16. Social Profiles
    17. Business Listings
    ............ and more

    Client Dashboard
    We provide a dashboard for each campaign, where you can monitor your rankings anytime anywhere,


    Monthly Subscriptions : $399
    - Up to 25 keywords, you can remove / add any keywords anytime, For eg. when we achieve 1st page for some keywords, we can remove them and add more keywords to optimize.

    Guarantee and Money back Policy :
    With our Guaranteed SEO Package, We provide Guaranteed First Page Rankings. If we failed to rank in First Page within 3 months , we will refund your money, Every single penny you paid will be refunded back to your PayPal

    Just see a small pinch of our Ranking sample.
    Following campaigns are our very recent start

    Website : http://www.colosseum.sg/

    Keywords and their rankings

    Google Rank Bing Rank

    muay thai jurong
    2nd - 12th -
    muay thai gym in singapore
    3rd - 14th -
    boxing training singapore
    4th - 20th -
    muay thai training in singapore
    5th - 32nd -
    boxing singapore
    6th - 8th -
    mma singapore
    7th - 9th -
    muay thai coach
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    bjj singapore
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    singapore mma
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    pure fitness singapore
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    muay thai
    9th - not found -
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    muay thai classes
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    mixed martial arts
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    thai boxing
    13th - not found -
    muay thai training
    15th - not found -
    19th - not found -

    See another sample, which is only 12 days old campaign

    URL: http://cladg.com

    Keywords & their Rankings

    Keyword Google Rank Bing Rnak
    cl posting tool
    3rd - 1st -
    craigslist posting tool
    4th - 2nd -
    cl auto poster
    6th - 2nd -
    cl posting software
    6th - 2nd -
    craigslist auto poster
    6th - 1st -
    craigslist posting software
    8th - 1st -
    craigslist software
    11th - 1st -
    craigslist tool
    12th - not found -
    cl tool
    23rd - 11th -
    auto poster
    36th - 9th -
    cl software
    38th - 6th

    Totally 13 keywords are at Google for GTA 5 - French Site

    code argent gta 5 Google Page # 2
    code gta 5 Google Page # 3
    code de triche gta 5 Google Page # 3
    code gta5 Google Page # 3
    code pour gta 5 Google Page # 3
    code triche gta 5 Google Page # 3
    code gta 5 xbox Google Page # 4
    gta 5 code ps4 Google Page # 4
    gta 5 codes Google Page # 4
    codes gta5 Google Page # 4
    code gta 5 xbox 360 Google Page # 4
    gta 5 code Google Page # 5
    code gta 5 pc Google Page # 5

    Please let me know if you have any further questions...
    I look forward to your reply and hopefully working with you soon.

    Skype - qserablogs
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    Someone above did not read the op's question
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    I have received many PM's but unfortunately I can't reply because I haven't posted enough. I guess I'll try and create a few posts so I can reply to them.