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May 19, 2009
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Looking to start my own offer in a very very hot niche right now and get on the advertisers side of things. I have owned my own rebill offers before and brokered them to all the main networks, my experience ranges hugely and i will gladly discuss it all with who ever is interested but to cut to the chase, jus lookin for a partner someone who isnt afraid to make some real money to partner with me and put up some start up cash to start this offer,

we dont need a lot a few thousand will do but the potential for return is massive, i have every connection we need from getting tons of MIDs, fraud prevention, chargeback fighting, affiliate relationships, promotion outlets, etc etc , everything except the cash to start it.

If anyone is interested please PM me and lets discuss further and make some money together.

not being funny but why haven't you got a few $$'s then if you have done this before and it's so lucrative?
because shit happens and people lose a lot of money, and i also failed in some of my advertiser offers which in turn let me learn a ton.
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