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    Have a new product that can be marketed to both IM/Online Business or non-IM/business demographics. Webinar that provides valuable training (parts of the System) and introduction to the product (end of presentation sales push) would be an excellent way to generate sales. General website and sales page already created. No capture pages specifically for webinar/etc. yet created.

    Have 43 slides and full written transcript for each slide, but would edit to maximize conversions to cater specifically to the type of crowd participating (and it need some flair).

    1) Someone experienced in packing webinars with quality participants.
    2) Also has experience presenting/co-hosting the webinars

    My personal experience in both are lacking, but believe in the product.

    Three types of participants most likely candidates to participate/buy (choose one):

    1) IM'ers/Online Business target group - presentation can be made to focus on that group's work, with a separate chapter already written to introduce the product to them, knowing the type of work they do.

    2) Job hunters or those looking for a new skill to help get a promotion. Can add this new skill to their resume to impress, or start using the system at current job to impress boss or use it to train staff to get better results.

    3) General business/office staff. Any industry/position, from Secretary to CEO, business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, project managers, etc. To help them do better at work and increase the success rate of every project they work on.

    a) Fixed fee scale, based on number of sales generated (min $ amount, that increases with sales volume)
    b) Percentage of all sales generated
    c) Other mutually beneficial arrangement

    Bottom line: Product price officially $247, on sale 20% off for launch now at $197 with special bonus provided that a professional consultant will actually review their first work project that uses the system tools to make sure they understand it and are applying it correctly. Also no risk 60 day guarantee plus stable company and customer support. The official affiliate program offers fixed $50 per sale commission, but partnering for webinars as stated above would increase that amount to a mutually agreed upon level or tiered levels to increase your income. Still good money to be made.

    If you are seriously interested, hit me up with a message telling me how you would fill the webinar(s) and your general thoughts/level of interest. I can provide you with actual product website, presentation draft copy, IM focused chapter, etc. for those serious about partnering.

    Attached chapter for IM'ers that introduces the product, as well as the webinar slides/transcript. (hope they attached correctly)


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