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    I'm a small business owner(brick & Mortar) and I'm interested in improving my SEO skills... Both in on-page and off page.

    What I need is for someone to take me under their wing and in essence help me cut through all the crap and snake oil out there and help me nail all my basic principles so I can do SEO for a living. I love the idea of building and ranking sites for businesses and I was doing well right up until penguin...

    I'm very time poor but I am happy to pay for:

    a) quality information and specific training on tools and strategies, both on-page and offpage - I especially want to learn more about e-commerce on-page seo
    b) help recovering my ecommerce site (lost about 5 page 1 rankings after unnatural links notice and it's hurting pretty bad)

    Essentially if you run a post penguin successful seo company and potentially want to expand to Australia, send me a pm and we can talk. I'll pay you and in return even work for you if the circumstances are right.

    Abount me:

    I'm a pretty intelligent guy
    Native English speaker(Australian)
    Relatively time poor but willing to invest both time and money in something that works
    I have: Scrapebox, SEO Link Robot, AMR, Market Samurai, SEO Powersuite(full enterprise) and a bunch of other tools.

    So... anyone who's successful out there and is feeling generous, I'm willing to learn and could really use the help.